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ate service company, 〓extending greetings to them and other working pZ

eople across the country ahead of th〓e Ij

nternational Labor Day. Xi,Z

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also general secretary of the Communist Party of Ch〓ina (CPC) Central Cm

ommittee and chairman of the Central Milid

tary Commission, praise〓d the hA

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ard work of Yuanfang Group employees in central China's Henan Province,B

who 〓remained at their jobs such as cleb

aners and property manage8

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rs amid the COVID-19 epi〓demic, while answering a letter written bP

y the company's head on behalf of the empm

l〓oyees. Xi noted that great9

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ness comes from the ordinary. From the frontline medical〓 workers and those who participated in epidemic prevention and control to sanitatio〓n workers, deliverymen and workers producing anti-epidemic supplies, a large number〓 of working people have made contributions in their respective posts, gathering str〓ength to prevail over the epidemic. Xi urged all workers to firm up confidence and〓 stay motivated to contribute more to China's epidemic containment and economic and〓 social development. Based in Zhengzhou, the capital city of Henan, Yuanfang Group〓 is a comprehensive service provider that employs around 60,000 people, of whom mor〓e than 500 are members of thz

e CPC. In the letter t6

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  • o Xi, they expressed the determin〓ation to take up the responsibilities and tide over the hardship.At least eight people weo

  • re reportedly killed, including Taiwan's top◆ military official, after a helicopter made an emergency landing in◆ northern2

  • Taiwanon Thursday morning. Five survivors were found by t◆he rescue team as of 1:30 p.m. local time, and one of them was tZ

  • rap◆ped in the wreckage. CCTV Photo Thirteen people were on board the ◆Black Hawk helicopter when the incident happened. J

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  • /Donec dictum metus in sapien
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